Developpement :

Get in on the ground floor of one of the most exciting new innovations in the business hotel industry. The group MURANO Hotels & Resorts operates two hospitality concepts: MURANO Resort and KUBE Hotel. MURANO Hotels & Resorts is looking for partners interested in the investment opportunity to build such a unique place and to operate it or engage an operator to run it successfully, and reach new levels of luxury and style.

MURANO Hotels & Resorts international development: the 19 “places. After the celebrated opening of the first MURANO Resort in Paris and the successful opening of a second MURANO Resort in Marrakech, MURANO Hotels & Resorts is now engaged in the international development of a set of 13 unique MURANO Resort and 6 KUBE Hotel in selected cities in the world. The MURANO Hotels & Resorts group is now seeking out partners to pursue its international expansion and to complete its set of its 19 “places” across 4 continents. The next planned developments are being pursued in Saint-Tropez, the French Alps, Milano and the GCC. The vision is to set a new world reference in hotels and resorts with a combination of modern design, unique animation and atmosphere and a special french touch of luxury. The objective is to establish the MURANO Resort and the KUBE Hotel as “the place to be” in each selected place; this two innovative concepts perfectly express a sense of luxury, refinement and modernity “à la française” which places them apart from other players in the hospitality sector. "MURANO Hotels & Resorts would provide the concept, the brand and all the services required to launch and maintain the highest standards of the industry.