If you wish to join up with MURANO Hotels & Resorts or one of its brands, to place a product or incorporate an image with communication, please contact: Lorris Camarzana / Brand Manager

Since its inception, MURANO has offered product placements in its establishments and during its off-site events, on the basis of partnerships and image associations. In-room product placement is a guarantee to any partner that its products will be associated with a luxurious environment, in which a “captive” high-end clientele has the time it needs to discover, test and fall in love with the product. Placement in so-called “public” spaces, such as the bar, restaurant and reception areas, offers a showcase, where the image of the products placed or promoted, is willingly incorporated, by the client, into the MURANO establishments, and ultimately enables them to enjoy indubitably high-quality associations. Brand association during off-site events offers the partner an event-based showcase where its image is associated with the spirit of MURANO Hotels & Resorts, all the while enabling it to reach a client target that complements those of permanent MURANO establishments.